How to make your cat love you?


Do you think the cats are too cold to get close to?
As long as the right method is used, the cat is no longer indifferent.
Today, I'm going to share ways to make your cat fall in love with you.

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Veterinary behaviorist Lisa Radosta said: "People will do stupid things that inadvertently make cats feel disgusted and disliked. If you give the cat a private space, you can win the cat's heart. ”

Reading the cat's body language and making it feel pleasant and comfortable will make the cat slowly like you.


Here are the signs that the cat is in a friendly mood and wants to interact with you:
1. The tail is shaped like a question mark

2. It comes to you

3. The ears lean forward

4. The pupils look like almonds


On the other hand, if you notice the following signs please avoid contact with a cat, it requires private space:

1. Tail swinging back and forth

2. Ears sideways or backwards

3. Hide

4. The pupil is rounded

Meowing and purring are only a small part of a cat's communication, and to truly understand them, reading body language is key.


When a cat prefers to be left alone,

it means that it is not satisfied with the way the shoveler treats itself,

and eventually it will start to move away from you.

Get close to them

Connecting with a baby-scared cat requires more skill.

How to increase your cat's liking for you?

You Can Try..


Tips 1

Avoid looking directly into the eyes

Cats see direct eye contact as a sign of intimidation and threats and may become fearful or aggressive. So please avoid staring into the cat's eyes.

Tips 2

Imitate cat movements

Want your cat to let your guard down? Imitate its body language!

If it looks at you and shifts its gaze, you learn it too, at which point the cat may look back at you.


Tips 3

Wink slowly at it

When you wink at a cat, it stimulates the cat's liking level,

and the cat slowly winks at the person who shows it to them .

Thus bringing each other closer together.

Respect them

The problem between humans and cats is that we don't take into account each other's sense of boundaries.

Veterinary behaviorist Lisa Radosta said: "We love small animals so much that we sometimes treat them like stuffed toys that we forget to give them personal space."

Tips 4

Maintain a sense of boundaries

When you walk towards the cat, it may feel threatened, if you want to capture the meow heart, please wait for it to come to you instead of rushing to reach out and touch and embrace it.


Tips 5

Consent is sought

Before interacting with your cat, do a consent test to see if the kitten wants more attention and put your index finger on the cat
If it puts the top of its head on top of its index finger, it shows that it loves you and agrees to interact with you.

 Tips 6

Connect with good food&cat toys

To enhance your interaction with your kitten, you can train with snacks or cat toys as a reward: when you give your cat a snack,take the opportunity to stroke it and walk away.


Repeat the above action a few times, then switch to first stroke and then feed, and the kitten will associate the touch with the good things.

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