Pet Accessary

  • Cute Soft Cone Of Shame Dog Cat Elizabeth Pet Collar

    Cute Soft Cone Of Shame Dog Cat Elizabeth Pet Collar

    The pet cone collar is made of quality fabrics and filters, soft and warm, offer a comfortable wearing experience for pets, no irritation and non-toxic, lightweight, your pets will not feel too much burden for long time wearing.

  • Birthday party bib than bear teddy cat scarf handkerchief

    Birthday party bib than bear teddy cat scarf handkerchief

    We only use 100% cotton and take pride in sourcing the best of-the-best fabrics to handcraft high-quality bandanas.

  • Pink and Blue bathtub corrugated cat scratcher bed cat scratcher box

    Pink and Blue bathtub corrugated cat scratcher bed cat scratcher box

    This scratching pad completely releases the nature of cats, like climbing, scratching, rolling, bring your favorite furry friend the healthy claws, a place to release stress and great exercise.

  • Eliza circle soft plush padding protects the collar

    Eliza circle soft plush padding protects the collar

    The collar is padded with cotton and is very soft and lightweight, making your pet feel comfortable and unburdened.

  • USB Rechargeable Light Up Puppy Collar

    USB Rechargeable Light Up Puppy Collar

    1. Safety Dog Collar - Super bright for night walking, Beejay dog collar lights makes your dog high visible and keep glow in the dark. No more worries about the dog safety.
    2. Usb Rechargeable, Energy Saving - Beejay dog collar comes with USB cable which can be recharged with any USB device, No Need Batteries.Charging warning, please use 5v usb adaptor only, fast charger adaptor may cause serious damage.
    3. Lightweight & Breathable For Your Dogs Wear - This pet collar is made of heavy duty nylon webbing material which makes your dog feel more comfortable, also comes with metal D-ring for dog leash attachment.
    4. Dual LED fiber for Improving Visiblity: Super bright light ensures that the safe visible distance at night exceeds 300 m. Walk on the snow-covered road, at dusk, at night, in the forest, or on the driveway to protect your dog from accidents or loss.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Portable Folding Pet Steps

    Indoor/Outdoor Portable Folding Pet Steps

    1. Continue Cuddle Time: Use the steps to help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed all by themselves to improve quality time together
    2. Safety Tested For Durability: 20-inch steps support pets weighing up to 150 pounds; 25-inch steps support pets weighing up to 200 pounds
    3. Lightweight: The pet steps are easy to carry around the house wherever you need them
    4. No Slipping: Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers and side rails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding when using it to get on and off of furniture
    5. Simple To Store: Pet steps fold down flat so you can easily store them under your couch or bed
    Sizing 15 inch L X 19inch W X 15 inch H
    6. Color Choices: Pet steps are available in beige and grey

  • Anti-Scratch Adjustable Cat Feet Claw Covers Shoes

    Anti-Scratch Adjustable Cat Feet Claw Covers Shoes

    1. Silicone Material:This silicone shoes for cats are made of soft food-grade silicone, very soft, safe and very durable, and will not harm kittens, cat will be very comfortable to wear.
    2. Special Design:The top opening and Velcro design of cat bath boots make it adjustable in size suit for all kinds of cats. The internal thorn design can massage the cat while preventing shoes from falling off.
    3. Leakage Hole Design:The hole at the bottom of the cat shoes can let the water freely in and out, prevent cats claws from soaking in the accumulated water then can keep clean when bathing.
    4. Exterior Design:The raised design can prevent the Velcro from slipping, and the cat is not easy to fall off when wearing boots. The shape of the shoes fits the cat’s feet better, making the cat more comfortable to wear.
    5. Be Applicable:The protective boots can wrap the cats paws, so you can bathe, inject, give medicine and shave for your cat without worry. The cat bathing shoessuitable for pet hospitals, pet shops, cat houses, household baths, etc. If you find the shoes don’t fit your cat, please feel free to contact our costomer service team and we will try our best to help you.

  • Multicolor Smart GPS Tracker Key&pets Finder Locator

    Multicolor Smart GPS Tracker Key&pets Finder Locator

    1. Quickly Find Items: the key finder locators can be hung on your phones, keys, bags, umbrellas, pets, cats, wallets, purses, luggage and other important items, convenient for you to find them quickly and easily, bringing much convenience to your life
    2. Convenient to Use: the GPS trackers for kids are easy for your operation, and you just need to press the button for a few seconds, then the receiver will sound beeps, after that you can use your cellphone to search and connect to the device, if you lost your phone, you can double press the button, then your phone would alarm
    3. Timely Reminders: when you install these the GPS trackers for dogs behind your phones, keys and other things that are easy to lose, they will sound or flash if your keys leave you beyond a certain range, informing you to find the lost items in time, besides they and your phone will alarm together when disconnecting, and this function could be turned off in setting
    4. Small Size and Lightweight: the mini GPS tracker are approx. 5.2 x 3.1 x 1.1 cm/ 2.05 x 1.22 x 0.43 inches in size and light in weight, allowing you to take them around easily without placing you much burden, so you can hang them on your kid’s schoolbag or pet collar, nice for daily storage without occupying much space
    5. Proper Quantity and Colors: it includes 11 colors of kid tracker devices, sufficient for your application in daily life, you can also share them with others!

  • One Button Break Retractable Dog Leash

    One Button Break Retractable Dog Leash

    1. SIZE — You can choose S size (9ft) and L size (16ft) of traction rope according to your own habits, 9ft of traction rope is suitable for pets up to 25lbs, 16ft of traction rope is suitable for pets up to 55lbs
    2. NO TANGLE — Tangle-free 360° swivel leash and easy-adjust retraction make you no worry about your dogs getting twisted while walking, allow your dogs to move freely around you.
    3. EASY TO USE — Quick lock, pause and unlock button- easy to operate with your thumb. Tangle-free, great for walking, jogging, running, camping and hiking, or out for a leisurely stroll backyard activities.
    4. COMFORTABLE HANDLE — Ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle is easy and safe to grip, provides enjoyable walking experience with your pets, don’t worry about the dog leash will hurt your hand.
    5. DURABILITY & SAFETY — This dog training leash is made of strong nylon, durable and protect your dogs perfectly

  • Detachable Adjustable Pet Bike Leash for The Smoothest Ride

    Detachable Adjustable Pet Bike Leash for The Smoothest Ride

    1. THE ULTIMATE DOG EXERCISER: the spinning rod dog bicycle leash. No more pushing and pulling. With the rotating leash, your dog is free to run beside you, moving from side to side of the bike without endangering him or you and allowing him more space.
    2. IN JUST ONE SNAP! the dog bike mount is attached and you’ll be off on a different bike riding experience – The special release mechanism on this dog leash for bikes enables you to quickly attach and detach the carbon fiber handle. Adjust the leash to suit your dog making it long enough for him/her to move around the bike.
    3. NO EXTRA WEIGHT To Hinder You On Your Ride: Made of strong, light carbon fiber, 10 times stronger and 15 times lighter than steel, the rotating dog biking leash is hardly noticeable on your ride.
    4. INTERNAL SHOCK-ABSORBING MECHAMISEM specially designed to absorb any sudden movement from your pet thus keeping you balanced on your bike as if you were on your own. So enjoy the freedom and ride far.
    5. ENJOY MORE BICYCLE RIDES WITH YOUR BFF – more than ever before. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service so feel free to contact us at any time.

  •  Wearable Dog Leash with Bright LED Light 

     Wearable Dog Leash with Bright LED Light 

    1. Rechargeable LED Light with Type C USB:The 5-meter range rechargeable LED light which allows you to walk your pet safely at night. As well as makes it easy to pick up the drops when it’s dark around.
    2. Wearable Design:The revolutionary DONUT-shape design allows you to free your hands while walking dogs.
    3. Easy to Control:With the press of one button, you can easily lock the leash at certain length that suits your need. Once unlock, the leash will retract itself back to the “DONUT”.

    4. Length and Strength:16 ft. (5 meter) traction rope, perfect for large and medium breed dogs up to 52lbs (20kg).
    5. Durable & 360° Tangle Free: Made of environmentally friendly and durable ABS plastic, and adopts advanced assembly and bonding technology which can effectively prevent the impact cracking caused by accidental falling. The strong Nylon traction rope and chromed metal lock is designed to be “360° Tangle Free” which can be retracted smoothly at any angle and allows your pet to move freely.

  • Night Walking Camping LED Dog Collar Tag

    Night Walking Camping LED Dog Collar Tag

    1. Protect dog safety: the dog collar light can keep your pets visible in the outside place, which can make your pets clearly be seen by walkers, runners and cars, protecting your dogs’ safety at nights
    2. Waterproof material: the pet tag light is made up of waterproof material, which can be cleaned easily and can be applied on rainy days and snowing days
    3. 3 Flashing settings: the dog night walking safety light have 3 modes, including steady, blinking and multi-light, which can be changed by just 1 click; You can attach this dog night walking safety light to your pets’ collar, which is bright and attractive, suitable for your pets to play in the dark
    4. Applicable for: the clip-on pet collar light can be attached to pets’ leashes, harness, and collars, giving safe protection to your pets; And this clip-on pet collar light is also suitable for attching to your bags, bikes, belts, etc., protecting your safety at night while walking, running, cycling