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Beejay Pets is a manufacturer of pet products. We have 15 years experience in providing high quality pet products. Our mainly products are pet sewing items and plastic items like pet plush toy, pet TPR toy,pet bags, pet car seats, PVC mat and etc. Our product development team who are also pet fans,with rich experience of fabrics, materials, and technique, we developed Rocking Squeaky and created the Rope Family dog toys. Our product development team continue to combine high-quality materials with unique designs that make our pet products stand out from the market.

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What’s the best gift for a stray an...

What's the best gift for a stray animal? BEEJAY Please don't throw them away. Dogs are indeed good friends of human beings. As the first domesticated animal of human beings, dogs once accompa...
What’s the best gift for a stray animal?

Go free with your dog this winter.

What's your dog playing with this winter? A winter theme park for dogs is also coming soon. Step on the snow  Wash your dog's feet first thing on the way home! When a dog walks in the snow, ice and snow attach to his feet, an...
Go free with your dog this winter.

Why do dogs eat dirt?

Dogs usually do some strange behavior, today we mainly to share the dog will dig the soil to eat this behavior? The truth about dogs eating dirt Dogs eating grass is a common behavior, and there are behavioral, nutritional, and possibly...
Why do dogs eat dirt?

How to care for dogs as they enter old age?

Humans go through different ages, and our companion dogs have their old age, too. So when do our dogs start to reach old age? Dr. Lorie Huston, a veterinarian, believes it has a lot to do with the breed. In general, large dogs a...
How to care for dogs as they enter old age?

Winter is Coming! 6 Tips to Keep your dog...

Winter is coming, and not only will humans need to adjust their lifestyles, but we will also need to help dogs entering human society improve their environment and make adjustments to their food accordingly. In this way, we can be happy with the...
Winter is Coming! 6 Tips to Keep your dog comfortable during Winter.

Our Advanteges

  • Supply Capacity

    Supply Capacity

    Fast delivery, rapid supply capacity.Low MOQ,Provide test productsand small quantity order service.
  • Quality Standard

    Quality Standard

    All products Comply with International quality standard.Equipped with quality inspection and professional managers.
  • One-Stop Service

    One-Stop Service

    Extensive range of products fordog & cat supplies. Strength products, manufactory base.
  • Desgin Team

    Desgin Team

    Professional design team, with 10 years experience in pet industry.Variety of new products every month with trending design.

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