What if a dog is afraid of fireworks?

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What if a dog is afraid of fireworks?

July is the month with the highest rate of lost pets in the United States, because the Fourth of July is Independence Day and fireworks are set off throughout the United States to celebrate the holiday.
For dogs, these loud noises and strange odors can scare the shit out of them, and even flee out of fear, and eventually get lost or have an accident.


Are dogs afraid of fireworks aesthetically willing?

Fireworks make loud noises when they are set off. These noises may not be a problem for humans, but for dogs, whose hearing is far beyond humans, these noises are unknown and jarring.
Fireworks will not have any notice when setting off, recall the past Spring Festival, whether you were awakened by the sound of fireworks on the first day of the New Year? So these random, loud fireworks of varying sizes will bring unknown fear to dogs.


The smell and noise produced by fireworks when they are set off is a threat to dogs, which triggers many dog instincts, those with strong personalities will bark wildly, and some dogs with weak personalities will run away directly because of fear, while dogs will also show signs of anxiety, such as anxiety, gasping, growling, and so on.

When fireworks are set off, they can confuse dogs, which are full of randomness, produce loud noises, and exert odors, if they only appear a few times, it is fine, but if the Chinese New Year or the American Independence Day, when fireworks are almost always set off, dogs will naturally feel anxious because they are under siege.


So we can find that the main reasons for the adverse effects of fireworks on dogs are: loud noise, random frequency and the smell when lighting.

How do you make a dog not afraid of fireworks?

Desensitization is the easiest way, but then again, desensitization fireworks require time, energy, money and many aspects of the pay, especially for fireworks to pay these are obviously unrealistic.

We can make a room, like your bedroom, sound-proof. Like close the curtains, plug up the window crevices, something like that, and it's best to have someone in the room with it.

2. Keep moving

If you can't take it to a place without fireworks, remember to exercise more. If you usually walk twice a day, you can increase the frequency of walking the dog to four times during this period, so as to avoid the dog staying in the room for a long time by the fireworks, and then the dog in a bad mood, as long as you can go out to play accompanied by the owner, its mood will instantly become better.

The only thing to note is that walking your dog at this time is very likely to encounter someone setting off fireworks, so be sure to keep your dog on a lead.

3. Burn off energy

Although fireworks are set off everywhere during the festival, they are usually carried out in the evening and evening.
If you have time, you can release its energy before it's fireworks time, such as playing with it outside, touring, etc., or even doing some obedience training outside.

It's a dog's instinct to run away from a loud noise. The master should not reprimand.

Post time: Apr-29-2024