Why do dogs bite their owners’ hands?

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Why do dogs bite their owners' hands?

Have you ever been bitten by your own dog?
Today we're not talking about bites when a dog accidentally hurts its owner, but bites when it gently holds your hand or wrist in its mouth , and of course, it might scratch a little skin.

In fact, this kind of bite is very common, mostly in the puppy period, simply put, is excited, in a very happy case, will certainly use to entertain the same kind of way to entertain the owner, and gently bite the owner's hand, wrist is the expression.


So the question is, why only the hand?

I believe this is the question of many owners, in fact, from another perspective, there is an answer, which human organization and the frequency of contact with the outside world is the most? Hands, of course!

What about dogs? In addition to the smell of dogs, the most contact with the outside world is only the mouth, people will shake hands to show friendship, and dogs will bite each other to show friendship.

The part of your dog that you come into contact with the most is your hands! In the dog world, your hand is its mouth, so when you come to play with it, or when it is excited, it will naturally bite you to express its mood.


This kind of behavior, the dog grows out of it?
Any kind of bad behavior by any dog, if the owner is not ruthless enough to correct it, then sooner or later it will cause big problems.

From the dog owner's point of view, this behavior is normal, after all, their dog's way of expressing emotions;

But from a non-dog owner's point of view, this behavior is very dangerous.

Strictly speaking, this behavior needs to be corrected, especially among urban dog owners.

Do not think that the dog will understand that this behavior, if not corrected in time, will only become more and more serious with age and confidence.


How to correct it?

In fact, many dog owners do not correct their dog's wrong behavior, or do not realize this point, that is, let the dog know: who is boss!
So let the dog know what to do and what not to do.

When it grabbed my wrist, I just had to change my tone and keep staring at it, and it would naturally release its mouth and leave me.
Why is this?

This is directly related to establishing good host status in everyday life.


The interaction between the owner and the dog can be done through the following pet toys and dogs.

Post time: Jan-30-2024