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Jinhua Yiwu factory
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  • ea59d37c12a089901503cd16658e5d9A variety of fabrics for your choice
  • ea59d37c12a089901503cd16658e5d9OEM design sample time 7-10 days

I believe most people will think: since dogs can digest bones, then digestion of cow skin must not be a big problem.

Some people will think like this: the ancestors of dogs are eating raw meat ah, raw meat above the skin they must eat together, how can not digest?

Some people even think that people can eat pig skin, and there is no problem for dogs to eat a skin.


The first thing you should know is that native animal skins are used in almost all kinds of products around the world, and very few are used as cheap dog treats.

Production method

First, manufacturers get a lot of scraps and defective goods from the leather industry at a very low price, and then soak these things in very high salt water, so as to avoid rotting during preservation. When the skins arrive at the snack factory, they are soaked in chemicals and treated with lime to separate the fat from the skin, then treated with more chemicals to treat the hair, then rinsed again, again without chemicals.


As you're smart enough to know, a lot of the chemicals you come into contact with during manufacturing will somehow end up in the dog's body.

And as mentioned at the beginning of the article, things like cow skin are difficult for dogs to digest, which means that what seems to be a favorite thing is actually a burden on its body, not to mention the common risks such as choking and puncture.

In one sentence:

This kind of snack is not the best choice, there are many kinds of dog snacks, there is no need to choose it because it is cheap and bite resistant.

It should also be noted that:

The smaller the dog, the less of these treats you should eat.

The worse the digestive ability of the dog, the less should eat such snacks.

You can choose a toy for your pet:


Sweet dog toys have squeakers built-in voice device, and make a squeaky loud sound when squeezed and bite and will attract dog's attention, and help release your pet's anxiety and pressure, perfect for puppy small dogs.


Our dog Christmas toys have squeakers built-in voice device, and make a squeaky good sound when squeezed and bite and will attract dog’s attention, and help release your pet’s anxiety and pressure, cleaning their teeth, and reduce their destructive behavior


Your dogs can help you solve the riddle with our wonderful Hide and seek fun! The chicken eggs can be loaded into their mother for a game of find the eggs interactive play dog games. (Sized for small, medium and some larger dogs who play well with plush toys!)


Snuffle mat for dogs-- designed to slow down pets eating effectively anti- choke, and promote the pets sense of smell.

Puppy toy-- toy that allows your dog to find snacks small toys hidden in the crocodile toys mouth.

Post time: Aug-11-2023