How to prevent arthritis in dogs?

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How to prevent arthritis in dogs?

Do not think that dog arthritis only exists in heredity, as the dog grows older, this disease is likely to appear in the original healthy dog, coupled with the dog owners do not develop good habits for the dog, the emergence of arthritis is natural.


Dogs with arthritis have the following symptoms:

Claudication: Common in the early stages of arthritis

Do not want to move: move the whole body aches, change you are willing to move?

Abnormal back: The spine is characterized by arthritis, and the dog will appear to bow and squeal

Tired: Unwilling to move, the dog will become lazier

Irritability: Dogs tend to overreact, especially when touched by patients

Muscle atrophy: In dogs that have been untreated for a long time, the muscles have atrophied due to lack of movement

Licking and biting: The dog only knows that it hurts here, so it will bite and bite and lick and lick

If you don't want your dog to go out like this in the future, then pay attention!


So the question is, how can you prevent arthritis?


This is not to be alarmist, although everyone knows the importance of weight loss, the vast majority of dog owners are very doting.

A healthy weight can not only avoid the appearance of arthritis, but also protect the ligaments in the joint, which is only good for the joint.


Life lies in movement, but we must master the degree, regular and reasonable exercise is good for joints and muscles, but those uncontrolled movement is only bad for joints.


The living environment is also important, for example, in summer, in fact, the dog also needs a bed, which can be a dog camp bed, or it can be a blanket.
Simply put, don't let the dog stay in a wet place for a long time.


Perhaps for many dog owners, nutrition balance is to let the dog eat well. But raising a dog itself is not an easy thing, many dog owners are not clear about what nutrition dogs need, what nutrition they need, reasonable nutrition is very important for dogs.


Post time: Jan-23-2024