Winter is Coming! 6 Tips to Keep your dog comfortable during Winter.

Winter is coming, and not only will humans need to adjust their lifestyles, but we will also need to help dogs entering human society improve their environment and make adjustments to their food accordingly. In this way, we can be happy with the dog, safe and comfortable through the winter.

Here are six tips to help your dog stay as comfortable as ever in winter:

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Tip: We should avoid taking our dogs outside during the colder parts of the day. The weather App on your phone can help identify when the weather is colder.

Playing in the sun can help your dog get vitamin D. Ball toys to play with if your dog likes to chew and chase. Do not use wooden sticks as they may cause damage to your dog's mouth. When playing in the snow, don't forget to bring dry clothes for your dog to change into.


Change into comfortable bedding

In winter, we should not let the dog sleep on the cold floor at home, in addition to appropriately limiting the time the dog goes out. Choosing the right bedding is crucial to keeping your dog warm.

A warm blanket makes their den more comfortable; A raised bed will keep the dog away from the cold floor. Place your dog's bed in a warm place, away from air vents or uncarpeted floors. Try to place the bed where they are used to sleeping every day, lest they become unfamiliar with their new "sleeping area".


Tip: Dogs usually stay cloce to a heater during the cold weinter months. Therefore should avoid the use of small heating machine, so as to avoid pet burns.

Don't overfeed

In winter, dogs need an extra layer to keep them warm, but make sure it's not fat. Cold weather makes dogs lazier, so they burn fewer calories. We can encourage dogs to be more active in winter by making it more difficult for them to get food during feeding.

Try putting their dog food or treats inside a fun leaky toy. The loose food allows the dog to eat while playing. Such toys can enhance your dog's problem-solving and thinking skills.


Old dogs need special attention 

Cold weather tends to exacerbate existing conditions in dogs, especially arthritis. Maintaining an exercise routine is important for dogs with arthritis. Avoid exercising on surfaces that are prone to slipping, and make sure dogs have a warm, soft resting area where they can rest and recover after exercise.


Winter brings challenges for us and our dogs, but as long as we stay careful and keep ourselves and our dogs warm when the temperature drops, spring will be just around the corner.

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