If you lose a dog, would you get one again?


If you lost one dog, would you choose another?If you don't know what to say, check out this dog owner.

On a Sunday in mid-December, Dana found Peter, who usually surrounds her on weekends, unusually quiet today.

Dana who had seen him motionless in his den for hours, suddenly sensed something was wrong and went over to Peter, only to find that he was wet under the bed, but it wasn't wetting the bed, it was Pete drooling.


Dana rushed to the nearest pet hospital with Pete in her arms. Doctors found that it had swallowed two goosestones. Fortunately, the stone does not penetrate deep into the stomach and intestines and does not require surgery.

The doctor, with a simple handle to let the pebbles drain themselves. That night, Peter went home and played with his toys as if nothing had happened.

Master and dog

Peter had no idea how nervous the experience was for Dana the owner.

When Dana lost Jasper, her other dog of many years. Last year, she thought she would never get a dog again.

She couldn't get over the pain of losing him, but a short time later, her friend gave Dana the dog, named Peter and told her, "You won't regret it!"

Hold hands

And so it was, in the days that followed. Because of Peter's accompany Dana gradually recovered from the loss of Jasper. And learn that you don't know love until you're not afraid to hug a new dog for fear of losing it.

Because love makes you stronger.

new dog friend

If you've ever had the experience of losing your favorite dog like Dana.

If you've ever been like Dana, afraid to face separation again.

Now it's time to open your warm arms to a new dog.

Perhaps, you will have a different harvest.

And don't forget to get your new dog a gift.

It can help you quickly close the gap with your new dog, and is known as a 'An artifact of emotional warming'.

Get organized!

Post time: Apr-11-2023