So many holidays are about dogs!


Human beings like festivals, if the world's festivals statistics, there will be a lot of holidays. As man's best friend, dogs have their fair share of holidays. Let's read on!


February 22: Take your dog for a Walk Day

In some developed countries, keeping a dog without walking it will be reported.

If you are found to have a dog cage at home, you will even confiscate your cage, and in serious cases, you will be fined.

In fact, dogs go outside not only to address their physical needs, but also to strengthen their bodies and relieve environmental stress. It's good for both physical and mental health.

So every day should be dog Walk day!

dog Walking photo

February 23: International Dog Biscuit Thanksgiving

This day can be interpreted as dog Thanksgiving.

But it's not the dogs who thank their owners, it's the owners who thank the dogs for their loyal companionship.

On this day, be sure to give your dog snacks and gifts.

dog gifts day

A little tip:

Pair snacks with leaky toys,
While playing and eating
It makes the dog feel more accomplished!

April: Lyme Disease Prevention Month for Dogs

Lyme disease is a zoonotic disease that occurs from April to June during the alternating spring and summer seasons.

It is mainly transmitted by ticks. Once infected, will appear: joint disease, anorexia, fever and other symptoms. In severe cases: heart, kidney and nervous system disease and even death!

Dog Lyme Disease Prevention Month is all about: reminding owners to do their best to help their dogs have a healthy and comfortable summer.

dog eating watermelon

April 28: International Rescue Dog Day

Rescue dogs undergo intensive training and rigorous screening before they are officially deployed.

After the job, the intense work will cause irreversible damage to the body.

International Rescue Dog Day was officially established on April 28. 2008 to honor and thank rescue dogs for their selfless efforts to protect people.

Dog scene rescue

Last Wednesday in April: International Guide Dog Day

Dogs are naturally active, curious and tasty, but guide dogs are for the safety of the blind. At work, one must suppress one's instincts and resist temptation.

Even if dogs sacrifice their freedom, they are still misunderstood and rejected by many people in society.

International Guide Dog Day not only helps more people learn about guide dogs, but also hopes that through publicity, guide dogs can gain more understanding and acceptance!

Guide dogs work

Third Week of May: Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dogs may have been domesticated, but they still have hunter genes in them, and there are dog bites every year around the world.

Among them, children are the most! The week-long festival was created to avoid bites and remind owners to train their dogs properly.

Most of the publicity during this period was to educate dogs about their behavior and to make them think that they were hostile, alert and aggressive.

The dog reacts aggressively

A little tip:

The dog trainer can be trained with a snack.

Bridging the gap between behavior and reward helps dogs quickly correct bad behavior.

Dog trainer

Third week of June: Take Your Dog to Work Week

In addition to helping dogs understand their owners' daily routines at work, the holiday is more important: it reminds their owners to appreciate being together.

Owners work 5 days a week and spend at least 40 hours alone, not counting sleep, but a dog's life is only 10-15 years.

It's fair to say that the time you spend with each other is very short, so spend time with your dog when you can.

Bring your dog to work

A little tip:

Too much time alone for dogs can lead to anxiety, depression, home demolition and other problems.

Alone toys combine snacks and puzzle games, but also can be randomly matched with different difficulty toy combinations.

Science helps dogs spend time and loneliness.

August 16: Dog Guardian Day

It is said to have been created in honor of ROCH, an old man in France who saved animals during the outbreak of plague. Among them are dogs.

So ROCH is called the dog guardian.

Dogs are angels, and so are the people who protect them!

Dog mountain climbing

August 26: International Dog Day

The purpose of the day is to promote respect for dogs and fight against dog abuse.

We also call on people from all walks of life to pay attention to and rescue stray dogs and dogs who are suffering.

Rescue stray dogs

September 26: Dog Owner Responsibility Day

The festival initiated by the Canadian Dog House Club, calls on dog owners to keep their dogs civilized, including leashes, regular vaccinations, timely cleaning up after their dogs, and scientific dog training.

In short, being responsible for your dog is also being responsible for others and society.

Clean up after your dog

In fact, in addition to these holidays, every dog has its own unique holiday, that is the birthday!

When is your dog's birthday?

MAX birthday: February 17
PIPI brithday:June 20
MINI Birthday: April 18

Post time: Mar-29-2023