Why do dogs like to play in mud?

Why do dogs like to play in mud?

Many dog owners do not understand, the road you do not walk, not to jump into the mud pit, is the dog brain problems? Not to mention, in a broad sense, there are differences between dog brains and human brains, but in what way?

Why do dogs like mud?



What did the ancestors of dogs live on? In addition to some scraps given by humans, dogs also need to hunt outdoors and catch prey.

The ancestors of dogs and wolves are very deep, so they have many habits in common when hunting, such as rolling in the mud and then hunting.

In this way, the smell of their own body can disappear in an instant, and even some dogs like to roll on rotten objects, which is also because their ancestors used to roll on the bodies of dead animals, to cover their own smell with the rotting smell of the bodies, and then chase prey.



We all know that the best way for a dog to claim territory is to pee. But there is always a time when the urine runs out, in which case, it will roll in the way to leave its own smell.

In addition to the smell left by the dog when it urinates, it has many glands on its body, which are responsible for producing various odors, and each dog's glands smell different.

As a result, mud puddles and rotting objects may be considered by your dog to be its territory and roll over.



From our point of view, the better the shower gel, the more popular the dog will be, because of the smell!

But from the dog's point of view, the smell of these body washes will make it uncomfortable, and may even be allergic. So you can often see some people on the Internet say: my dog has just taken a bath, and will soon go to the mud pit to roll.

That's right, dogs don't want to live in these artificial fragrances, they prefer the way they smell.



If you've been following me, you'll remember me saying: What's a dog's favorite scent? Foreign organizations have studied this problem, and the taste is like putting a pizza in a sealed garbage can, and opening the sour feeling after a week.

Dogs love the smell of decay. Likewise, the natural smell of mud and the security of sticking to the body can drive it crazy.

So here's the question

How to stop this behavior?

Still the same sentence: do not play, can be cold treatment.

Think about it another way, you went to eat your favorite barbecue today, and you got beat up by your parents just after you got home, you must be confused, you don't know why your parents beat you,The dog doesn't know why you hit it.

The best way to deal with this behavior is to tell it that it can't play here and stay away from these places. Dogs are indeed very intelligent, but their intelligence is based on the patient instruction of their owners.

This behavior can be mitigated by giving your dog toys to play with.


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That's all for today, see you next time!

Post time: Jun-27-2023