Dogs won’t get sunstroke if they play like this in hot weather!

Dogs don't get sunstroke if they play like this in hot weather!

After 15 minutes of heat stroke, dogs are at risk of dying. Heatstroke lasts as long as two hours, and the fatality rate is more than 90 percent.

The causes of heat stroke in dogs can be divided into sunstroke and heat stroke.

Heat emission disease: refers to the imbalance of heat production and heat dissipation in dogs in high temperature, high humidity and poor ventilation environment, and the accumulation of heat in the body leads to the serious disorder of central nervous system function of dogs.

Sunbeam disease: refers to the phenomenon of meningeal congestion and acute brain parenchyma caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in hot weather, leading to serious dysfunction of central nervous system in dogs.




Therefore, heatstroke is possible both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the dog sweat glands are not developed, mainly through the foot pads and tongue to dissipate heat, the efficiency is not high, more likely to heat stroke.

 Being able to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke in time becomes critical to the dog's treatment.

According to the degree of heat stroke can be divided into: mild heat stroke and severe heat stroke.

Symptoms of mild heat stroke include gasping, purple mouth, stumbling, and a pronounced murmur when breathing.The hairless skin on the abdomen is flushed, with blood spots and blood spots.

Above 41℃, a dog's internal organs will be damaged.The risk of death increases above 42℃.


In severe heat stroke, most otherwise active dogs become depressed, lethargic, hyperventilating, and eyeball protruding.

If there's a pink frothy liquid coming out of your nose, your dog may not be around for long. Of course, a small number of dogs will show symptoms such as manic charging, foaming at the mouth, convulsions and convulsions.

If not treated promptly, they will die from suffocation and heart paralysis.


If you encounter the above situation, but it is a long way from the hospital, how can the owner implement the correct first aid to avoid the tragedy as much as possible?

First, move your dog to a shady place, preferably an air-conditioned room if you can. You can also soak your dog in a cold pool, if one is available. Use running water to keep cool.

(PS: not ice water !)


If none is available, go to a nearby supermarket and buy a few bottles of chilled mineral water and place them on your dog's thighs and chest and abdomen.


Then wet a large towel with cold water and apply it to the dog, pouring cold water over the dog every few minutes.


Remember to feed the dog room temperature water. If the dog does not want to drink it, the owner can rub the water on the dog's tongue and lips.

(PS: Let the dog lick the water is good, never pick up the water and pour water into the mouth)


Finally, the most important thing is to find and contact the nearby regular pet hospital for treatment.

How to prevent Heat stroke in your dog:

1.Avoid the sun directly, avoid long time in the humid and sultry environment.


2. Do not put the dog in the trunk and leave it alone in the car, in direct sunlight, even in the hot weather without sunshine, the temperature in the car rises rapidly, the highest can reach about 70 ℃, in a short time can take the life of the dog.


3.At any time to keep the dog has enough clean drinking water, keep indoor ventilation, temperature stability, maintain a more appropriate moderate about 50%-70%.


4. Avoid going out in high temperatures. Choose evening or morning for walking and exercise. Take clean water with you to keep you hydrated in time and avoid strenuous exercise for a long time and a large amount of exercise.

Play with toys and interact with your owner at home during the hot season.

Play with toys and interact with your owner at home during the hot season.

Or choose a pet water toy, you can interact with the dog in the pool, you can enjoy the cool while the energy to release.

It's important to avoid heat, but don't forget to exercise!

Post time: May-16-2023